Best Ketogenic Diet Books

Best Ketogenic Diet Books Here’s our list of the Best Keto Diet Books to help you answer all those questions, learn how the keto diet works, how the keto diet can help you lose weight, and give you insights on what to eat or drink on the keto diet. Before we dig into our favorite keto diet books, we want to answer a few questions about the ketogenic diet.   What is the Keto Diet? The Keto Diet may seem like the next weight loss fad, but it’s not. It was introduced in about the 1920’s to treat epilepsy in children. The keto diet is a low-carb, high fat diet that reduces your carb intake by replacing the carbs with fat – the keto diet is similar to the Atkins Diet. The keto diet has been adapted from an epilepsy treatment in children to an optimized diet for weight loss & energy building for everybody. The human body is an incredible machine – and it’s important to treat it like one. The body adapts to what you put into it, and if you treat it poorly, it will break down. The keto diet is one way to optimize your food … Continue reading Best Ketogenic Diet Books