Keto Diet Drinks

keto diet drinks

Keto Diet Drinks

What should I drink when I’m on the keto diet? That’s a common question when just starting with a keto meal plan. The truth is, it’s hard to change habits overnight – even with the liquids you imbibe.

I know a lot of people who have a hard time giving up energy drinks, soda, juices and alcohol.

The best keto diet drinks contain zero to very low carb counts, have no sugar or artificial sweeteners, contain real ingredients and won’t mess with your keto diet food plan.


What to drink on a Ketogenic Diet:

  1. Water and bubbly water without sugar or sweeteners are always the preferred drinks for the keto diet.
  2. You can drink hot or cold teas
  3. Coffee (bulletproof coffee – butter & coconut added to your hot coffee)
  4. Infused drinks are great for spring and summer – like water infused with lemon, cucumber, fruits, etc. You can get a water infuser to easily make infused drinks in a single serving water bottle or an infused water pitcher for the fridge (here’s an excellent recipe book for infused water!)

What not to drink on a Ketogenic Diet

When you are on the ketogenic diet, stay away from:

  1. High Carb Fruit Juices
  2. Beer
  3. High Carb Energy Drinks
  4. Diet Drinks
  5. Sodas
  6. High Carb “Natural” Drinks in the organic food sections
  7. Wine

You’ll want to stay away from high carb, high sugar drinks made from man-made chemicals & artificial flavors & sweeteners.

When looking at drinks, always check the carb count on the ingredients label.

Check the sugar count & also try to drink liquids that have 1 ingredient or just a few natural ingredients at most.

All that garbage is bad for your body even if you aren’t on the keto diet. Garbage in, garbage out… unless the garbage is stored in your fat cells. Then it just garbage hanging around in your body making you feel and look like garbage.


Should you drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet?

You can drink anything on a keto diet, but drinking alcohol on a ketogenic diet will slow down your weight loss overall and perhaps reverse the gains you’ve made.


If you want to drink alcohol, you should know that alcohol on a ketogenic diet:

  1. Slows fat burning
  2. Is empty calories
  3. Will convert less fatty acid to ketones
  4. By being in ketosis your alcohol tolerance is lower
  5. Alcohol provides zero benefit to your body

With all those negatives, why bother ruining your body for a temporary mind-altering experience??


What I drink on a ketogenic diet:

I personally drink water, carbonated flavored water (preferably non-sweetened with natural flavors) coffee & bullet proof coffee made from coffee beans, butter & coconut oil (or you can make it from grass fed Ghee & Bulletproof brand Brain Octane Oil) , tea and carbonated waters that don’t have sweeteners. Those are the best choices for drinks on a ketogenic diet.

Recommendations to make your water healthier & add in minerals or electrolytes:


Low Carb Support | Low Carb Summer Drinks | Natural Sport Drink


Disclaimer: I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist, but a health enthusiast, clean eater and ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting partaker. I started this website because I love the keto diet and intermittent fasting lifestyle. My favorite way of eating is to eliminate as many carbs as possible from my diet, eat lots of greens, and real food, forego anything that comes in boxes or is manufactured or produced in a factory or made from chemicals that mean absolutely nothing to the average person. I’m recommending products in this article that have affiliate links and will pay me a small commission if you purchase something to help you along with your keto diet. I always recommend products I think will be beneficial based on other people’s reviews of the products or my personal research on the efficacy of the product, on your ketogenic diet journey.