Ketogenic Diet Must-Haves

Ketogenic Diet Must-Haves The Ketogenic diet is a low carb – high fat diet that focuses your body’s energy source on internal instead of external fuel to keep it energized. By mostly eliminating carbohydrates from your diet your body will burn fat stores which in turn causes you to lose weight. When your body is allowed to do what it does best, naturally, you’ll reap the health benefits associated with burning ketones as your body’s energy source. To help you achieve optimal benefits of the ketogenic diet, Keto Diet Food recommends a few must-haves to help you on your ketogenic diet journey.   Ketogenic Diet Pantry Items   Coconut Oil Every ketogenic dieter has  jar of coconut oil in their kitchen… and I’ve got a jar in my bathroom because it’s a fantastic naturally hydrating lotion.  You can use it in almost everything you eat, and you can add it to your coffee with butter for a cuppa bullet-proof coffee. Cook with it, bake with it or eat it straight up to get your fat count in for the day. It’s great for cooking with and for adding the much needed healthy fat which is the cornerstone of the ketogenic … Continue reading Ketogenic Diet Must-Haves