Keto Diet Meal Plan – Sample Menu

Keto Diet Meal Plan What should you eat on a keto diet when starting out? That’s always the question when starting a new diet, especially the Keto diet because it’s such a departure from most people’s eating habits. A good keto diet meal plan starts with low-carb, healthy proteins & high fat intake. I’ve listed the basic ingredients you can use to build your meals here along with spices & their carb counts per tablespoon. (See the Keto Diet Grocery List here) Build as the basis of your new lifestyle a menu of grass fed, free range, wild caught, organic foods instead of processed meats, cheeses, and potato chips. Eating healthy ingredients in and of itself is a huge step for most people. When you are shopping, stick to the outside perimeter of the store to purchase items, and you’ll be heading in the right direction. Avoid all boxed, processed, 30+ ingredient products. If you don’t know what the ingredients in your food are – step away from the item and run the other direction! 🙂 When planning the quantities of each to build a good, ketogenic meal, consider your Macros or macronutrients. The “big 3” macronutrients are fats, proteins, and … Continue reading Keto Diet Meal Plan – Sample Menu