Keto Diet Drinks

Keto Diet Drinks What should I drink when I’m on the keto diet? That’s a common question when just starting with a keto meal plan. The truth is, it’s hard to change habits overnight – even with the liquids you imbibe. I know a lot of people who have a hard time giving up energy drinks, soda, juices and alcohol. The best keto diet drinks contain zero to very low carb counts, have no sugar or artificial sweeteners, contain real ingredients and won’t mess with your keto diet food plan.   What to drink on a Ketogenic Diet: Water and bubbly water without sugar or sweeteners are always the preferred drinks for the keto diet. You can drink hot or cold teas Coffee (bulletproof coffee – butter & coconut added to your hot coffee) Infused drinks are great for spring and summer – like water infused with lemon, cucumber, fruits, etc. You can get a water infuser to easily make infused drinks in a single serving water bottle or an infused water pitcher for the fridge (here’s an excellent recipe book for infused water!) What not to drink on a Ketogenic Diet When you are on the ketogenic diet, stay … Continue reading Keto Diet Drinks